“I shall be anointed with fresh oil.” Psalm 92:10

“I shall be anointed with fresh oil.” Psalm 92:10

“I shall be anointed with fresh oil.” Psalm 92:10

Into God We Delve in 2012

Happy New Year! , Happy 13th Church Anniversary! We are grateful for the faithfulness of God as He brings us into a new year with new possibilities. Our theme this year is Into God we Delve in 2012. Meaning of Delve means to search deeply and laboriously: search by digging; we want more of God and less of us.

  1. Jan -Feb Delving into the Reign with God: Re-surging our exercising of dominion, power and authority in Christ
  2. Feb.-Mar - Delving into the Relations in God: Relating successful loving relations in our family and community of believers
  3. Mar.- April Delving into the Riches from God: Receiving our exceeding abundance in the Kingdom economy of God
  4. April-May Delving into the Restoration by God: Reclaiming our Miracles of healing, and health and recovery from lost in body and mind
  5. May-June Delving into the Righteousness through God: Resembling our walk in integrity, and living in victory
  6. June- July Delving into the Revelation that is God: Releasing our supernatural gifts of the Spirit and the spirit of revelation
  7. July-Aug. Delving into the Rejoicing Before God: Refreshing our praise and thanksgiving from the heart of God
  8. Aug.-Sept. Delving into the Reverence toward God: Redeveloping a reverence, in our awe and love for God
  9. Sept-Oct. Delving into the Rekindling around God: Re-igniting and Increasing our fire and fervency for the things of God
  10. Oct- Nov. Delving into the Reaping under God: Reproducing our power of the seedtime and harvest, sowing and reaping
  11. Nov.-Dec. Delving into the Reaching for God: Re-engaging our operating in power evangelism and effective ministry within church and community.

As we seek to be in the presence of God and make Him a priority in our lives, our relationships, our finances, He will heal, deliver and set us free to worship and serve Him with joy. Take the journey with us.

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