A Change of Season

Change is something most of us resist; we get comfortable with the familiar, even with familiar bondage.  It gives us a false sense of control.  False because everything changes and if you stand still, you just end up getting left behind.  God models the concept of change in nature in many ways, seasons being one way! If you have sown seeds in the spring that grew and survived the heat of summer, you are due for the harvest of fall which will begin soon; naturally and spiritually.  We will all reap whatever we have sown, good or bad.  The wonderful thing about the change of seasons is we get a chance to sow new seed!  This is a great time to assess your life and make changes for the better.

Those that learn how to flow with the changes that God allows and even brings will always be on the cutting edge.  (Quote'”Pneumatikos by Ron Crawford”).  “There is an ever-changing environment that is dictated by God, and this can be very unsettling to those who desire to be in control.  In I Cor 14, Paul writes that those that would be ignorant will ignore God’s current ways and will choose to refrain from participating in His present move.  I Cor 14:38 – “but if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.  Literally means that he should be allowed to remain a receptacle of an unchanging environment, like a vase…preserving the bud of yesterday’s flower.  God desires for us to be trees of righteousness, living branches full of fruit, not a display of dying flowers from the most recent harvest.” Willingness to change means that you realize that you are not running the show; you must humble yourself and admit you could do better.  Don’t get stuck, let’s move with the flow of God.  He has an individualized journey for you.  He’s waiting while you sit on the side of the road but you will not cross over into your promised land sitting there.  You can fill your life with religious activity and still be in a backslidden position because you refused to move forward with God.  Do you sense that there are things that are about to change, end or begin in your life?  Have you said yes to the Lord?  Do you feel your resistance?  Do you plan to say yes to the Lord?