FACCI~Fresh Anointing Christian Center International-Multiply Strategic Initiative (MSI)

 Multiply Strategic Initiative (MSI)

 Our God has always been about multiplication: “Be fruitful and multiply” (Gen 1:22), Jesus multiplying five fishes and two loaves of bread to feed thousands (the Gospels) and Hebrews 6:14 “Surely blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiple thee”. These are just a few examples.

With Christ as our example and the Great Commission as our mandate (Matt27:19-20), it is FACCI’s passion to “multiply” disciples of Christ through MSI. Using the principles of MSI, (Assess, Refine and Engage) FACCI will strategically position itself to have a greater impact; on the citizenship of the Kingdom of God. FACCI will Assess the local and international communities where we worship to better understand, when, where and how to witness the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unsaved in these communities. MSI will help FACCI Refine its approach (ministries), tools and membership for greater gain and impact of all its outreach opportunities. Finally, MSI will help FACCI Engage the unsaved in the communities in which we worship by hosting and developing unique and effective methods, and events, to introduce them to the gospel of Jesus Christ – resulting in the saving of many souls; thus multiplying citizenship of the kingdom of God.


This, is who we A.R.E.