Focus on Outreach

Pastor’s Blog
We are  in a new season of transition in which God is leading us to focus on Outreach. To get the focus off ourselves, our issues, and our needs so that we can meet the needs of someone else.

Ministry is the principle of sowing and reaping as you minister to others,  you reap ministry for yourself. As you invest in others there will be a return in ministry to you. The time has come where we must lift up our eyes to see that the fields are white to harvest. There are hurting people in our communities waiting to be engaged by a compassionate church. There are souls who are ripe to receive the good news of the kingdom. God has not called us to be spiritual consumers who are only preoccupied with getting or that primarily go after the fish and loaves. It is time for us to access the power of God, and possess the land. Outreach is the lifeblood of the church and the ultimate indicator that a church is alive, vibrant, and full of life. For Fresh Anointing Christian Center , we will be corporately involved in the MSI (Multiply Strategic Initiative),  our specialized Outreach to the Upper Darby Community. God has placed us in the center of one of the most multi-cultural communities in the Delaware County region. This was not by accident but rather by God’s providence. As a church we have been given the privilege and a rare opportunity to touch people of various nations, races, and ethnicities. Moreover, we are seeing many signs of the time signaling that we must be expedient in fulfilling the great commission and we must hasten to get about our Father’s business. I,  for one am excited to be one of those ordinary people God will use to bring extraordinary results in the name of Jesus and to the glory of God. Join with me,  Christian pilgrim and let’s bring Christ to this community and to those where we live and worship
Pastor Clarence Walker