Ministry Schedule

Please note that this is only an overview of reoccurring events. For a more accurate and detailed calendar, please click the calendar link in the menu to the upper right. Thank You.


10:15 AM Worship Service
141 Garrett Road, Upper Darby, Pa (use the side entrance from the parking lot)


7:00 PM Corporate Prayer led by the Pastors
Zoom – 947 1796 5484, Password – Altar
Phone # 1-646-558-8656
Meeting ID – 947-1796-5484
Press #
Password – 974971#


7:00 PM Corporate Bible Study & Prayer, Communion
Zoom – ID # 631 991 1756 Passcode: 853664
Phone # 1-929-436-2866
Meeting ID —
Press #
Password –

Saturday morning

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon– Clothing Closet Outreach Ministry – Use the front door entrance

Throughout the week at various times, we have F.O.L.D. groups. (Fellowships of Love Discipleship and Prayer groups) They meet in homes, by conference call or Zoom.   For a full list – Click here for F.O.L.D groups


Getting connected at F.A.C.C.I. is about relationships that get beneath the surface. Fresh Anointing Christian Center International was created and is directed by the Lord. We are committed to His vision, not tradition, denominations, or man’s opinion relating to the building of His church.

Ministry of the Word

To teach, train, and edify the body of Christ in the sound doctrine of scripture.

Ministry of the Worth

To lift up the uniqueness and special calling of Christian families, seniors, couples, women, men, youth and children.

Ministry of Wealth

To promote excellence in stewardship for both the corporate body and the individual members.

Ministry of Worship

To see every aspect of the worship of the church reflects the highest praise and excellence.

Ministry of Witness

To preach the gospel to the poor, to preach deliverance to the captives, “Luke 4:18 -19”

Ministry of Watch

To provide assistance and spiritual covering for the church to fulfill its vision and divine destiny.

Ministry of Wellness

To develop a congregation that is sound and healthy in body and mind.

Ministry of Worship

Pastor Ja’Ola Walker – [email protected]
Branch Coordinator –

Psalmists – Dea Cynthia Bannister, Dea Dinah Reddick, Min Wanda Haines
Fresh Oil, Musicians – Pastor Ja’Ola, Dea Cynthia Bannister, Jimmy Boisseau

Creative Arts

Coordinator –
Team Leaders –

Dance Ministry: Renneth Grey
W.O.W: John Downey
S.O.A.P. Drama Ministry: Christian Thompson

Worship Training –Pastor Ja’Ola Walker

There are specific requirements to join the worship branch ministries; See Worship Elder for additional information.

Our Goals

1. To train believers in regard to the importance of worship.
2. To develop a body of believers who live a lifestyle of worship.
3. To help believers understand their responsibility to be a worshipper of God.
4. To help believers understand worship & how it relates to spiritual warfare, in both a corporate setting and their own personal lives

Concert Celebration Events
Special events (concerts) geared solely toward the worship and glorification of God.
Creative Arts
Worship is expressed through dance, flags, tambourines, streamers, banners, and mime in order to lead believers into the presence of God and effect changes in people’s lives.
Interdenominational Services
Services that unite our brothers and sisters in Christ from other churches/denominations for the purpose of worshipping God.
Area of service for those who write music, or play instruments.
Sermonic Observation Acting Performance (SOAP)
Dramatic acting is geared to emphasize the sermon.
Worship Training
Teaching worship leaders and those who minister during service, to lead the congregation into the presence of God.
Fresh Oil
Uses praise and worship to lead the congregation into the presence of God, in preparation to hear from God.