Ministry Index

Branch Directory

Administration -Ja’Ola Walker – (leader) [email protected]

Pastoral Assistant – Habibah Sulayman – [email protected]
Office Manager, Exec Admin Ass’t –Marty Shubert, [email protected]
Office Ass’t, Powerpoint Min Dir – 
Ass’t to Pastors, Exec Ass’t–
Bldg Manager – Irving Joyner, [email protected],
Custodian – Patrick Lindsey
Sanctuary Care Coordinator – Pam Conover-Joyner, [email protected]
Media- Ray Brown- (Dir)- [email protected]
Sound Min Phil Hartley Jr-(Dir) [email protected]
Event Planning/Hospitality–Patricia Ray, [email protected] Adjoa Idun (Dirs) [email protected]
Network Adm – Patrick Peaker, [email protected]
Visitor Care – Sharon Parker , [email protected]
Photographer -Tony Smith, [email protected]
Website Coord – Joyce Burton, [email protected]
Parent Support Alliance – Zandra Adens- [email protected]
Legal Counsel – Angela Yancey, [email protected]
International Council – Annette Allison –(Dir) [email protected]
Training & Para Church Ministry- Pastor Clarence Walker ;(leader); Pastor Ja’Ola Walker (Asst.) “mailto:[email protected]Pastor
Minister’s Training- Pastor Clarence Walker, [email protected] (teachers) Vincent Calloway,
[email protected], Troy Corbin [email protected] (Adm Ass’ts –Marty Shubert [email protected],                  Internship Director – Pastor Ja
Pastoral Mentoring –Mornings with Men, Leadership Training – Pastor Clarence Walker
Fresh Anointing International Fellowship of Churches, Pastors Clarence & Ja’Ola (Dirs),
Kenyatta & Shamalia Snipes ( Asst’s), [email protected], [email protected]
Cheryl Simmons (Adm Ass’t) [email protected]
Para -church Ministries: Associate Elders
Fresh Glory Ministries -Pastor Troy Corbin,_ [email protected]
Christian Coalition Agst Violence- Elder Ted & Alfreda Reed, [email protected]
Open Door Ministry Elder Sonny Adens (para-church ) [email protected]
Youth Community Outreach – Elder Intern Duane Rawlins

Wealth Branch

Elder Ray Brown & Elder Brian Ferguson (leaders)[email protected], [email protected]

Branch Coordinator –Valerie Heyward
Financial Seminars- Operation Freedom- Leadership team- Felicia Harris, [email protected], Annette Allison, [email protected] David Idun, [email protected],
Board of Stewards –Valerie Heyward –(Chair)–[email protected]
Financial Manager –David Idun, [email protected]

Watch Branch

Elder Ray Brown (leader) [email protected]
Branch Coord – Jeanette Brown – [email protected]
Corporate Prayer – Ray & Jeanette Brown, (Dirs)
Prayer & Healing Ministry – Elder Allen Stokes, (Dir) [email protected]
Intercession & Deliverance – Ray & Jeanette Brown, (Dirs) Sherran Grey,–(Trainer) [email protected]
Young Warriors for Christ – Renneth Grey- (Dir) [email protected]
Altar Workers – Sherran Grey (Dir) [email protected], Lorraine Armstrong,
[email protected] Cyrena Bond, Delores Bacon (Ass’t Dirs)
Watchman- Chris Brown;(Dir) [email protected]
School of Prayer- Elder Ray & Jeanette Brown (Dirs), Nicole Smith (Adm Ass’t), [email protected]
E–Prayer–Jeanette Brown_(Dir)
Day Prayer – Cynthia Willoughby, (Coord) [email protected], Vanessa Gleaves-Ass’t vgleaves@rocketmail,com
All Night Prayer– Najmah Ryans,(leader), [email protected]_
Life of Liberty Min – Asia Underwood – (Dir) [email protected]_

Wellness Branch

Elder John Epps (leader) [email protected]_
Branch Coordinator – Ronell Smith, [email protected]
Director of Ministry Care Team – Joyce Burton , (Dir) [email protected]
Funerals – Elder John (Dir)
Nutrition Seminars -Audrey Giles & Ken Giles (Dirs) [email protected]
Emergency Response Team – Michelle Dyer Gomez, Sherren Grey_(Leaders)_

Elder Charles Scott (leader) [email protected]
Branch Coord – Ronell Smith, [email protected]
Armor Bearers Paul Heyward (Dir) [email protected]
Handmaidens -Audrey Giles, (Dir) [email protected], Pam Conover- Ass’t [email protected]
Communion – Elder Scott & Audrey Giles (Dirs)_
Church Attendants –Pat Strother,(Dir) [email protected], Dana Williams (Ass’t) [email protected]
Security – Carlos Riera & Stanley Parker –(Dirs). [email protected] , [email protected]
Witness Branch

Elder Brian Ferguson (leader) [email protected]
Branch Coordinator – Melissa Blackson ; [email protected]
Multiply –Jane Pablos(Dir), [email protected]
Restoration Min (Path to Peace)– Melissa Blackson (Dir), [email protected]
CDC- Elder Brian Ferguson-(Dir)
Fresh Start Outreach Ministry-Melissa Blackson (Dir) [email protected]
Pat Brown (Assit Dir) [email protected])
FS Newsltt – Pat Brown, [email protected]
FC Clothing Closet–Fred Gray, [email protected]
Nursing Home – Christine Miller, (Dir) [email protected]
Harriet Stokes (Ass’t Dir). [email protected]

Elder Intern Kenyatta Snipes (leader) [email protected]
Branch Coord – Melissa Blackson [email protected]
Prison Ministry – Harriet Stokes & Lawrence James (Dirs), [email protected],
[email protected]; Asia Underwood (Ass’t)[email protected]
Missions– Shamalia & Kenyatta Snipes; (Dirs) [email protected], [email protected]

Word Branch

Elder Ed Williams (leader) [email protected]

Branch Coor Nicole Smith;[email protected]
Discipleship Diamond Min – Ed William (Coord,)
Nurture Ministry – Ed Williams, (Dir) Doris Carter (Adm), [email protected]
New Member Class – Marty Shubert, (Coord); [email protected] 610-352-3200_
Shepherd Nurture (Coor),Yvonne Maynard, [email protected], Vanessa Peaker (Adm,Asst) [email protected]
Ministry Transition (Coord) – Debra Jones; [email protected]
FOLD Groups, (Coord) Felicia Harris (Ass’t)

Elder Anthony Smith (leader) [email protected]
Branch Coord – Phyliss Smith : [email protected]
Sunday Morning Enrichment- (teachers -Pastor C, Men [email protected],
Harriet Stokes, (women’s class) [email protected]_
Children’s Church- Gina Curry, (Dir) [email protected]_
Mid-Week Bible Training—Jane Pablos, (Dir) [email protected]
Baptism– Charles Scott –(Dir) [email protected], – Donovan Grey- Ass’t Dir, [email protected]
New Converts Class –Debra Jones (Dir) [email protected]

Worth Branch

Elder Vincent Calloway (Leader) [email protected]
Branch Coord – Tony Smith_ [email protected]
Couple Enrichment – Sharon & Stanley Parker & Tony and Ronell Smitn (Leadership Team)_
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Men’s Min Rap Curry (team leader) [email protected]
Children’s Ministry-Team Leaders- Zandra Adens,(Dir) [email protected];  

Gina Curry, [email protected]; Najamah Ryans-[email protected],Dinah Reddick _ [email protected]
VBS – Charlene Jones–(Dir), [email protected]
Single’s Ministry – Jane Pablos (Dir) [email protected], Brenda Roberson (Ass’t Dir) [email protected]

Elder Donovan Grey (leader) [email protected]
Branch Coord – Habibah Sulayman — [email protected]_
Youth Min –(13-18) Duane Rawlins (Dir), [email protected] (ministry team) Shakirah Rawlins,
Patrick Peaker- Zandra Adens-Najmah Ryans 
Women’s Ministry– Harriet Stokes, (Dir)Wanda Haines (Ass’t Dir) –
Between Friends, Adjoa Idun, Eura ba Idun, (Dirs) [email protected], [email protected]
Anti- trafficking Coalition, Habibah Sulayman (Dir) [email protected]
L 2OVE ministry–Wanda Haines (Dir) [email protected]
Show Me How To Love – Ronell Smith (Dir) [email protected]
College & Career Ministry (18-23) –Lawrence & Tia James (Dirs), [email protected],
Young Adult Min (19-35)–Kenyatta & Shamalia Snipes,(Dirs) [email protected], [email protected]

Worship Branch

Pastor Ja’Ola – Leader [email protected]
Branch Coordinator – Monica Joyner, [email protected]
Fresh Oil, Musicians – Shaunelle Roberson(Dir), [email protected]
Psalmists -Monica Joyner (Coord) [email protected]
Creative Arts –Nancy Scott, (Dir), [email protected] , Cynthia Epps –Ass’t) [email protected]
Team Leaders –Charlene, W.O.W. –John Downey, Alexis Fulton – Teen Leader
[email protected], [email protected]
Soap Drama- Patricia Ray, (Dir) [email protected]
Worship Training- Pastor Clarence