Ministry of Watch

Elder Ray Brown – [email protected]
Branch Coordinators

Jeanette Brown – [email protected]

Corporate Prayer –  Elder Ray & Min Jeanette Brown

Prayer & Healing Ministry – Elder Allen Stokes-[email protected]

Intercession & Deliverance
  Elder Ray & Min Jeanette Brown and Sherran Grey,New Intercessor Trainor –[email protected]
Young Warriors for Christ
Renneth Grey -Dir – [email protected]

Altar Workers
Director -Sherran Grey –[email protected]
Assistant Dir. – Lorraine Armstrong –[email protected] ; Min Delores Bacon

Director – Christopher Brown [email protected]

School of Prayer
Director – Elder Ray & Jeanette Brown; Nicole Smith (Admin. Asst.) [email protected]

Jeanette Brown – [email protected]

Day Prayer
Coordinator – Min. Cynthia Willoughby and Vanessa Gleaves, Asst.

All Night Prayer
Leader – Najmah [email protected]

Life of Liberty Ministry
Director  -Asia Underwood- [email protected]

Our Goals

  1. To train and develop warriors skilled in spiritual warfare.
  2. To train and develop a people who know how to intercede and pray.
  3. To have watchmen & women in place to identify, report & spiritually war against the enemy from whatever angle he may attack.
  4. To develop a center for spiritual deliverance with people who are trained and know how to minister deliverance.
  5. To provide a high level of the safety and security of those in attendance at Fresh Anointing Christian Center and its functions.
  6. To maintain the cleanliness and comfort of the facility.
  7. To exemplify Christ in the Ministry of Helps in all church functions and administration.

Armor-Bearers and Handmaidens
Men and women who minister to the Pastors, Speakers and Elders needs and to provide safety and security for them during worship services, classes, and retreats, and to effect smooth and efficient transitions during individual ministry, counseling sessions, and meetings.

Church Attendants
Men & women who minister to members and visitors needs during worship services, classes, and retreats, including the passing out of bulletins, escorting people to their seats, providing direction during communion, and helping to collect the offering.

Corporate Prayer
Prayer is held every Tuesday night starting at 7:p.m., Wednesday night from 6:30 -7 p.m., Fridays 11 a.m. – 4p.m., and Sunday mornings 9:30 a.m.-10:15 a.m. prior to service. All night prayer is held every other month (time and dates will be on the church calendar). We encourage all members to corporately participate.

Intercession and Deliverance
This multi-faceted ministry includes:

  • The Intercessors that are trained to intercede for the Pastors, Elders, the church body, and every need that God inspires them to pray for.
  • The Deliverance Ministry which has trained warriors that help believers to effectively walk in their purposes by being set free from any spiritual bondage, and to defend the body of believers against the assaults of the enemy.
  • The Young Warriors for Christ which is a ministry that instructs young people in the warfare of prayer.
  • Teen Connect which is a Prayer Connection for Teens that provides a  prayer medium designed to get our young people (13-19)  praying for one another by sending their prayer needs and concerns through the Prayer Connexus web site.
  • The Deliverance Clinic which is a special time that is set aside for those who need special help by those trained in this ministry.

For Prayer needs 24/7, please go to, click on the F.A.C.C. prayer group link, follow directions and post your prayer request. Your prayers will be sent out to prayer Intercessors.  Please note that accommodations can be made for those who want confidentiality in their prayer request. Please visit and join the Prayer Connexus face-book page for weekly teachings.

Sanctuary Care
Works to ensure that the places where we meet create an atmosphere conducive to one seeking God, and to exemplify a place where God wants to make His presence known.

Spiritual Warfare Training
Training which help believers recognize the attack of the enemy and engage him in spiritual battle, which gains victory for the person, the Body of Christ and glory for God. This training is held on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (see the church calendar for dates).

Warriors that are trained and strategically placed around the church to identify, report & spiritually war against the enemies activities from whatever angle he may be attacking.