Ministry of Wealth


Elder Ray Brown – [email protected] ; Elder John Epps, Treasurer

Elder Brian Ferguson – [email protected]

Branch Coordinators -Valerie Heyward

Board of Stewards –  – Valerie Heyward, Chairperson ; Min. Joyce Burton – Co-Chairperson

Financial Manager – David [email protected]

Our Goals

  1. To accurately account for and record all funds given to or paid out by Fresh Anointing based on established policies and maintain records according to generally accepted accounting principles.
  2. To find innovative ways of reducing expenses while maintaining a standard of excellence for the church.
  3. To educate the church family on biblical financial principles and practical methods of managing finances.
  4. To manage the business functions of the church.

Board of Stewards
Manages the financial functions of the church including handling offering, paying bills and forecasting and budgeting for the church.

Career and Entrepreneur
Offers training for members regarding entrepreneurial efforts (e.g., how to start a business), This also includes Business Ventures & Investments.

Credit Union
Full service banking institution owned by the families, specializing in prompt and friendly service; ethical integrity, sound biblical principles, and technological innovation.

Emergency Relief
Provision of limited funds, in emergency situations, for tithing, active members in good standing who meet the criteria as listed in the Church Policies & Procedures.

Financial Seminars
Training on being good stewards of the resources God has given us.

Philanthropic Foundation
Planting seed in good ground through donations to churches and community organizations.

Scholarship Fund
Monetary awards given to students.