Ministry Philosophy

Fresh Anointing Christian Center was created and is directed by the Lord, we are committed to his vision, not tradition, denominations, or man’s opinion relating to the building of his church. The Word of God is our guideline and final authority on the operations of this center. We are determined to keep this body of people Christ-centered rather than built on man. We are committed to building people, helping them find their gifts, callings, ministries and supporting them in the operations of those gifts.

We are called to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry, by emphasizing spiritual maturity, integrity, obedience, diligence, excellence, love and unity. We will be working with other Pastors in the city and the country to help further the kingdom of God. We will send ministry teams, staff, pastors, missionaries, etc; equipped mature, trained and anointed to help wherever the Lord calls.

Showing love and unity is a high priority at the center. People are very important to us, we will regularly show appreciation and honour to those to whom it is due. We believe in the equitable, just treatment of all people regardless of education, income, status, or position. We believe in showing tolerance and love to all. We believe in development of the total man (Luke 2:52). Our programs will reflect training for the body, mind, sprit, relationships, finances and practical areas of life. A center for deliverance, healing, training, and equipping the end time soldiers for the final battle against the Kingdom of darkness.

In 2002, Fresh Anointing purchased 2 buildings in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. 141 Garret Road is home to Family Revitalization Enrichment Services Headquarters Community Development Center (F.R.E.S.H. CDC) and the Church Office. 148 Garrett Road is the home of our future Sanctuary.

Fresh Anointing Christian Center is on a magnificent journey, ordained by God. As you come to worship with us, the members of Fresh Anointing Christian Center, envision a future where through your dedication, participation and obedience, you are part of an anointed ministry that expands to all nations of the world.