Ministry of Wellness

Elder John Epps – [email protected] and Elder Charles [email protected]

Ministries under the leadership of  Elder John Epps

Branch Coordinator
Ronell [email protected]

Ministry of Care Team & Healing Hearts                                                                                                       Min. Joyce Burton [email protected]

Funerals-Elder John Epps 

Seniors’ Ministry – Min. Lorraine Armstrong – [email protected] 

Nutrition Seminars –Audrey & Ken Giles – touch1301

Emergency Response Team
Leaders: Michelle Dyer-Gomez and Sherran Grey

Ministries under the leadership of  Elder Charles Scott

Armor Bearers
Director – Paul [email protected]

Director – Audrey Giles and Pam Conover Joyner

Directors: Elder Scott & Audrey Giles

Church Attendants
Director – Patricia Strother-  [email protected]; Dana Williams [email protected]

Directors – Carlos Riera [email protected]m and  Stanley Parker –

Our Goals

  1. To educate the congregation concerning nutrition and proper diet.
  2. To encourage and enhance physical fitness.
  3. To train the congregation on how to obtain and maintain healing for the body.

Anna & Simeon
Anna & Simeon was started and directed by the late couple James and Ruth McNeil, parents of Pastor Ja’Ola Walker. This ministry is to assess and assist the seniors of the congregation. To visit those who are sick and shut in, update them on available city and government services and make fellowship and ministry opportunities available to them. They minister to us in songs and hymns with an old-time nostalgic flavor that both young and old appreciate.  Min Ellene White leads this group.

Bereavement and Member Care
Bereavement and Member Care serves the body of FACCI by helping families in crisis. They provide support through prayer, organizing home visits, and helping with other social needs those families may encounter.

In times of bereavement they help families by lending the support of FACCI Ministers for family prayer, home going service support (according to FACCI policies), and a host of other functions to help ease burden and pain of losses.

Bod for God Fitness
Bod for God Fitness Organizes opportunities to glorify God, fellowship with believers through physical exercise.

Counseling ( C.O.P.E.)
C.O.P.E. provides services for crisis intervention as well as short term counseling, also able to make referrals for long-term counseling.

Hospital Ministry
Hospital Ministry to those who are hospitalized or confined to their home.

Medical Emergency Response Team
Medical Emergency Response Team provides emergency medical care and First Aid at FACCI services and functions. They respond quickly as the need arises and ensure that members and visitors are medically secure until community emergency responders arrive and are transported to local hospitals if needed.

Nutrition Seminars & Health Resources
Training on the best way to feed the temple of God, your body, information on health resources.