My prayer and expectation is that 2018 will be a new season of God’s favor. The saints will experience an unusual level of favor that they have never see. In fact, the bible says God will compass or surround the righteous with a shield. The original Hebrew word is also translated buckler which is a shield that surrounded the whole body. The word favor means, grace, delight, kindness, and purpose. A shield or buckler is for protection. God is going to protect the righteous our health, finances, even our spiritual life. He is a God of favor and He wants his children to have His favor. The righteous Experience two kinds of favor automatic favor- favor because of our position- favor that comes for being righteous. Also, pragmatic favor – favor because of our action- favor from doing righteous. It is God’s will that they experience both forms of favor. There will be challenges but those challenges will not stop the favor of God, so I say by the faith of God “His Favor We Will Glean in 2018”