Glorious New Year.
Our theme for this year is His Glory Will Be Seen In 2014, we expect God to Show up in a glorious way, why? Because many of you suffered in 2013, you went through the mill. Many suffered in loss, loss of love ones, loss of jobs, loss of health, loss relations and loss of confidence. But be encouraged in 2014. Furthermore, the bible states that if we suffer with Him we will reign with Him. My prayer for you is that you and your family will discover the glory of God. I am not saying that you won’t go through anything, I am saying that there will be glory after THIS. I don’t know what your THIS is and to be honest it does not matter, God will bring glory, victory, and deliverance out of the situation. So keeps your chin up start praising God now.  For there will be glory after THIS
His Glory Will Be Seen In 2014
Pastor Clarence Walker