I dare you to be honest with yourself for a second while I ask this one hypothetical question: If your all time favorite artist made a video or song like Rihanna’s “Disturbia” or Jay_Z’s “On to the Next One, do you think you would still comfortably be able to support them as an artist.  Would you buy their albums, or even endorse them at all? I know you may be thinking dang Naj, that’s a bit harsh, so how about something as simple as this: Would you watch the video? Would you still listen to the song?

I don’t know what your answer may be, but I will be honest with you all. I have certainly been in that same scenario and as much as I want to say I stood my ground and turned the channel I must say I did not. One of my favorite artists, who I have chosen to keep nameless, performed one of my favorite songs in the world along-side men dressed and dancing like very flamboyant versions of women. As much conviction as I felt, and as wrong as I knew it was… I sat there. I watched it. I thought to myself, “this is dead wrong but it’s not that serious.” but then I realized something. At that very moment this was one of the biggest stars of our generation performing one of the biggest songs of the decade on a talk show that aired around the very time teenagers were getting home from school and watching. This was one of the most watched episodes because this artist was a guest and while millions of people watched the show this artist subliminally endorsed homosexuality being ok. And I sat there and watched it…which meant I endorsed it too.

How can this be?! I do not support practicing homosexuality, and I love the Lord and believe His word as truth. Yet when someone I admired used their actions and popularity to contradict what I believe I so easily let go of my standards and trust in the Word of God. Looking back on it now I see how it was just that easy for the enemy to use something I liked to even in the smallest way take my mind off of God. As always, I know everyone is different and that everyone has their own personal vices, however it is just a little bit for you to consider. Now you can like or love a thing or person, but if or when that thing or person takes you away from God even in the slightest way it’s time for some re-prioritizing to take place. If ever you notice it please don’t be oblivious to it and try ignoring it because that never works. What I will say is recognize and address it head on lest it become for you a demi-god or god-like figure. God is very understanding of our emotions and the love we may have for things and people, but He is also jealous over our love. Allow yourself to be the one to check that thing and keep God first. If you don’t do this then God definitely will, and He may just remove the thing or person altogether, which is not always a bad thing, but it can truly be a hurting feeling. Just some food for thought. Hope you can eat the meat of this message and spit out the bones.
let your LIGHT shine!