I Give Myself Away by Pastor Ja’Ola

The Lord gave up so much for us, in fact all that He had, all that He was. He asks us for a lot in return, but the reality was before we got saved we did not really belong to ourselves, we were slaves to sin. We belonged to the Kingdom of Darkness. So when the Lord bought us off the auction block He could have paid the price and put us to work in the kitchen or working in the fields. But He paid the price and then made us sons and daughters, He adopted us into His family, gave us part of the inheritance and He wants us to represent Him on the earth.

He was betrayed, beaten, insulted, lied on, spit on, laughed at, beaten to a pulp, bound up, separated from His father, taken down into hell, attacked by demons, cursed, ignored, hated, punched, kicked…..

He gives us the right and the authority to act on His behalf and in His name. He gives us ministry assignments and life purpose. He gives us important eternal jobs to do that will impact people’s eternity.

If someone talks about us or insults us are we ready to step down from those positions? If we are not respected or laughed at or spoken to in a disrespectful tone, have we given up assignments that will affect someone’s eternity because we were made uncomfortable? Has the devil ever whispered – “you don’t have to put up with this, give up” and pushed you off your divine assignment? Or “I’m getting out of this, there is too much confusion.” You are called to be light in darkness, you don’t move until God says move.

As I was preparing for Liberia, one hour before I was scheduled to leave for the airport, I had an attack of vertigo, I was sweating, nauseated, shaking, vomiting and found it difficult to walk. For one minute I said Lord I can’t go, what am I going to do? The Lord reminded me of a similar trauma on the last cruise I went on when I got severely sea sick and vomited all night. He said you endured that for vacation time, can’t you endure and press for me?

I immediately realized that I was under attack by Satan, I knew my assignment in Liberia had eternal consequences, I got angry at the devil and I said out loud -“devil if I had to go vomiting the whole way I will carry my plastic bag and I will not be stopped.” As soon as I made that declaration that spirit of darkness got off of me. My physical recovery was slower but my spirit was in warfare mode.

I have had other times when the enemy attacked me physically to keep me from ministering and I had to get angry and choose to ignore my physical condition and press anyway.

The Lord is looking for people who are rooted in Him and it doesn’t matter how hard the winds of life blow they refuse to back down, they bend with the wind almost to the ground but because they are rooted in God, rooted in the Word, they do not break.

Recognize where the attack comes from, speak the truth in love to the flesh and blood, choose to forgive the flesh and blood but fight the wickedness in heavenly places and don’t let nobody on earth or in hell stop you from doing what God tells you to do. It is important, even if it seems like a little assignment.

You don’t want to have to look in God’s face and have to explain to Him why you didn’t do something He told you to do because so and so insulted me or I got busy. When you look at His nail scars and He shows you how many souls you would have impacted if you had only obeyed, think of how you will feel.

The next time you sing, “I Give Myself Away” really think about it, really mean it. Are you willing to give up your life for him? Start by giving up your pride, make sure you are rooted in the Word and your love for God and do not look back. Press toward the mark. After you’ve done all you can you just Stand.