Is it really that big a deal?

I was scrolling through my MTV News App and saw The Dream and Christina Milian went public with their break up. So I am reading this news post and it say they hooked up back in the early part of last year, they spent two maybe three months together and she is pregnant. Then they decided to get married, I think that is a sweet idea and I give them credit because they got the cart before the horse, like we all sometimes do but they tried to make it right. The problem is they really didn’t have time to get to know each other before they got into it. They made a good try of it for baby girl but it seems like it was over before it really started. I wonder if they got too caught up to use good judgement? After all it sounded and looked like a good story right? Dude musician meets chick musician fall in love and make musician babies!! Perfect

Here is where I feel the break down came. Besides the obvious that we all see, they probably went too deep too quickly and got caught up. They didn’t have a good base. How many times do we rush into things as teenagers and not see if it is something God would approve of? How do we know if God would approve? Easy- check the bible. What happened when some one in the Bible did the same thing or something similar? It might sound religious at first read but think about it. King David stole another man’s wife, she got pregnant and he tried tocover up things but the kids they had did worse than he did. Check it out. Sometimes learning a lesson is as easy as watching someone else make the mistake and then avoiding it yourself.

So now the Dream and Christina are linked for life and have to try to make the best of an uncomfortable situation, they were doing a good job for a while but now the funk is hitting the fan. Wonder how they will handle it. How would you handle it?