Join the Fellowship

Thank you for your request to partner with Fresh Anointing International Fellowship of Churches . It is an honor for us to join our hands and hearts with you to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and lift Him up so all men will be drawn unto Him.

We are an organization under the Fresh Anointing Christian Center church, under the Apostolic oversight of Drs. Clarence & Ja’Ola Walker with the counsel and accountability of the Apostolic Couples Team Synod. (ACTS)

We would like to get to know you better and share our vision and our hearts with you, Here is our vision;


To produce mature disciples of Christ and fellowships of love, with a fresh anointing of the Spirit, who are over comers and victorious in every area of their lives, that do not accept defeat. To be a people that lifts up the Lord Jesus Christ and worship the Father in Spirit and in truth. A people with a faith of gold, a character of righteousness, a clear vision of purpose, a burning desire to please God, a genuine change of behavior, an a open heart of communion with the Lord Jesus Christ. We will be conquerors by faith whose overcoming lifestyle transforms the family, economic, educational and political structures in the communities where we live and worship to the glory of God and Jesus Christ.

Look through our orientation materials, Statement of Faith and see if this relationship is really a good fit. After we pray, review your application and information and get a sense of who you are, we will contact you confirming if we think you would make a good partner with us or if this is not a good fit for you. Even though we love you as our brothers and sisters in Christ the Lord orders our steps and our relationships and we want to be led by Him.

In these last days so many ministries are plagued with lifestyles that are not consistent with holiness. We believe that integrity and a godly lifestyle are very important. Our vision highlights that we believe in ministering to the total man, loving and forgiving another, so that our Christian principles are seen in our everyday lives.

Click here, download and complete the application