Our theme for 2017 is more kingdom will be seen in 2017. In this environment of racial division, polarization, Xenophobia, hatred, and intense political partisanship. We are in desperate need for America and the nations in the world to see and experience more of the Kingdom of God. That means more than ever we true Christians must model what it means to be a kingdom citizen. That means acting differently from the things that are happening. We must overcome hatred with love, injustice with justice, unrighteousness, with righteousness, and evil by doing good. That means resisting Xenophobia and treating foreigners and strangers the way Jesus would have. I don’t think He would set up barriers and build walls to separate people. Make no mistake about it Christ is not happy by some so-called Christians display of anti-Semitism since after all our Savior was himself was a Jew, therefore anti-Semitism is anti-Christ.

Moreover, Jesus had Semitic and Hamitic blood flowing blood flowing through His veins from female ancestors, Tamar, Rahab, and Bathsheba who were in fact Hamites. People of color are descendants of Ham. Christ is not happy about the treatment accorded to racial minorities and based on His dealing with Mary Madeline, the Samaritan Woman at the well, the woman taken in the very act adultery, the woman with the issue of blood and other women. He is not happy by the chauvinism and misogyny towards women since in Christ there is neither male nor female.

Kingdom people must not allow themselves to be influenced or tainted by America’s or the world present political climate. We must remember that our political allegiance transcends the governments of this world for like Jesus, our Kingdom (That is our political system is not of this world) to see more Kingdom in 2017 we must pray the Lord’s prayer which says “Thy Kingdom Come” we must not only pray this prayer but display this prayer. Christ displayed in us and through us is the Kingdom coming on earth. Pastor Clarence Walker