Morovia-Liberia, Africa
December 2014

You know that Liberia had two civil wars over a period of 14 years? Over 200,000 were killed and thousands of women and children were raped, amputated, demoralized and cannibalized. The orphans are the forgotten, needy and traumatized who so desperately need our help. Liberia had one of the bloodiest wars in world history in addition to recent Ebola crisis destroying thousands of lives and caused social and political orders to collapse environmental harms to the entire population.

In the context of war trauma, ignorance, disease and poverty Fresh Anointing Christian Centre is caring for 125 orphans, training generational church leaders, providing education and planting the first FACCI church in Africa called Fresh Anointing Deliverance Worship Center.

Volunteers working at New Hope Mission during the construction of the proposed High School foundation August 2014

We believe God for twenty five thousand cement blocks to build the proposed High school below to completion. Each Block cost $1.00. Any donation will be appreciated.

PROPOSED HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING FOR THE WAR & Ebola affected children in Liberia (25,000 cement blocks needed.)

Proposed missionaries guest house (30,000 CEMENT BLOCKS NEEDED.)

Urgent Ebola Response Relief

With the total of 13,042 confirmed suspected cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) reported by World Health Organization up date in (Guinea, Liberia, & Sierra Leone.) New Hope Mission currently believes God to continue getting involved in Feeding Hungry People Quarantined in Liberia due to the disease. By His special grace, we want to feeding over two hundred people of destitute in the Wehn’sTown area in Monrovia. We have been able to make significant impact helping to restore hope to many hungry community children and families apart from the orphans during our one time feeding program during this Ebola crisis. We believe God for $6,000.00 to urgently continue this Ebola Crisis relief by His grace. We want to provide rice, oil, buckets, bleach/Clorox, and powdered soap to 245 family heads totally about a thousand persons who are in extreme difficult circumstances. We are also involved in educating various communities regarding the prevention of Ebola. Ebola Virus Pictures under microscope.

The virus itself is really nothing special—until it gets inside a human.

Photos of children and families coming to the mission for Ebola Relief Assistance. PLEASE HELP

Orphans in worship, Singing Praises to Jesus June 1, 2014

Bindu, a handicapped girl Is able to attend. she is in 7th grade. This is how tall Bindu is from the ground

Bishop Sarpee at one of our Orphanage Mother Victoria Thomas Orphanage Home.

Kids from Muslim background attending at New Hope. Their names are: Festus Sumo, Korpo Sumo, Darius D. Wesley, younger Togbah, Augustina Gedeo, Korlu E. Siafa, Queneen Sunonteh ,Elizabeth Saah, and Martin Rogers a Sierra Leonean. Camera did not capture all the kids. Praise God we have 17 Muslim children attending a Christian mission school and are being led to Christ gradually. Korpo the girl in the back promise to join our praise and worship but fear resistance from her family. Please pray for her that she will not be thrown out of her home trying to sing publicly for Jesus. Younger kids also from Muslim background attending at New Hope.

This is new hope mission where some cement blocks are being made in preparation for the High school, church and guest house construction. Can you stand with us please? $1.00 per one cement block. Can you help buy 20, 50, 100 or more blocks? We say thank you.

By Faith we have dug the foundation for the High School trusting God to put love in your heart by buying a cement block as you are able. The cement blocks you buy will go into the hole you are looking at.

Our current objective is to gather financial support in order to:

  • Care for the children in the orphanage
  • Meet critical needs
  • Develop future leaders
  • Equip local pastors
  • Construct educational facilities (help build High school)

The non-Christian Africa is our challenge which is met by our first missionaries Bishop Sarpee who have a missionary spirit who insisted that the non-Christian heathen of Africa will have to be “saved” before Christ return.

You can make a difference, Please consider partnering with us

Thanks for your cheerful donations.