Our Staff

Pastoral Staff

Dr. Clarence Walker- Senior/ Founding Pastor

Dr. Ja’Ola Walker -Co-Founding and Administrative Pastor – [email protected]

Ministry Administration

David Idun- Financial Manager/ Office Assistant- [email protected]

Irving Joyner- Building Manager/Director of Sanctuary Care & Maintenance – [email protected]

Bob Strother – Director of Security

F.O.L.D. Ministry – Pastor Ja

Patricia Strother – Attendants and Financial Assistant


Elder Ray Brown- Secretary & Watch Branch

Elder Brian Ferguson -Wealth & Witness Branch

Elder Kenyatta Snipes-Witness Branch

 Elder Ed Williams -Word Branch

Elder Donovan Grey – Worth Branch
Elder Ja’Ola Walker – Worship Branch

Associate Elders

Elder John Epps – Associate Elder

Elder Tony Jenkins – Associate Elder
Elder Ted Reed – Associate Elder

Elder Sonny Adens Sr – Associate Elder

Elder Anthony Smith – Associate Elder

Elder Allen Stokes – Associate Elder


Branch Coordinators

Jeanette Brown – Watch

Donna Duckett – Witness

Valeria Heyward – Wealth

Brenda Robeson – Word

 Vanessa Peaker– Worth


Adjoa Idun – Director of Hospitality
Georgianna Turner – Historian

Jay Joyner – Audio /Video Coordinator

Phil Hartley – Sound Ministry

Chris Thompson – Video Ministry

John & Linda Downey -Clothing Closet

Min. Joyce Burton – Director Website Administrator– email:[email protected]

Training Leadership

Dr. Clarence Walker -Pastor

Dr. Ja’Ola Walker-Assistant – [email protected]

Minister’s, Para- church, and Pastoral Mentoring

Pastor Clarence Walker,  Pastor Ja’Ola Walker