Raise the Roof Campaign Update

Blessings FACCI Family;

We started our campaign 6 weeks ago needing $55,000, as we prayed about what to do the Lord said, “it is in the House”. We asked each of you to pray and pledge what the Lord put on your heart. We received pledges for $64,000.00 and to date we have taken over  $55,000.00. This is a miracle and we know that we will complete the task. The Lord is pleased with us for showing Him our love and taking care of His house.

He has responded with financial miracles for many in the congregation. We have heard testimonies during the 6 weeks of new jobs, promotions, unexpected money and  a new revelation that when we sow into the kingdom of God He really does show us His glory.

We sincerely thank each one of you who has given any amount to the work of the Lord, we pray a hundredfold blessing on your life!

This is a turning point for FACCI demonstrating that we can do wonderful things when we work together as a family and line up in obedience to God. This is just the beginning, we no longer see ourselves as weak, helpless, looking for a handout from somewhere but we can  take care of the properties that God has given us and finance the ministry and outreach to the community that God has called us to impact.

This is the end of the campaign but if you still have to pay your pledge take the time needed to finish. It is very important for you to fulfill whatever you have promised the Lord. 

We have repaired the air-conditioning in the Sanctuary and upstairs and work to repair the roof at 148 will begin in about 3 weeks. Please remember when we have major repairs to be done it is a process that takes time. In addition to finding, contacting several contractors who are bonded, licensed and insured to work in Upper Darby; we must wait for them to inspect and give us estimates.  Once we select a contractor we meet and have in house legal counsel to draw up contracts that must agreed upon and signed. Then permits must be gotten, applications, guidelines and fees for the contractor; permission and space for large equipment and dumpsters to be brought in from the township, they inspect and question everything since we are right across the street from them. Once the township gives the go ahead we have to wait for the contractor’s schedule to clear up to begin.  To avoid fines to the contractor or us we must follow all guidelines. Once completed the work may be inspected by the township and 1099 go to the contractor. We are doing our best to get things done, get the best deal, quality work, cover ourselves legally and fulfill all township requirements. We appreciate your patience.

We want to thank Deacon Jay Joyner, Deacon David Idun, Elder Ray Brown, Min Marty Fulton, Bro Patrick Lindsey, Sis Cheryl Simmons, Sis Angela Yancey, Elder John Epps, and Min Brian Ferguson who are working hard to help with this process. Thanks to Pastor Guerra and his church are also doing their part to contribute to the cause.

In the Fall we will be introducing our new biblical financial strategy that will help us to keep up with the care of our buildings and all ministry expenses. Keep on trusting the Lord with your finances, prove Him and see if He will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing you will not have room to receive.


Seeing His Glory

Pastors Clarence & Ja’Ola Walker