Status Updates

These days every step some people make is documented on social networking sites. Like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc  If you’re going out you announce it to everyone and give updates when you get back.  Some people will even give a play by play of activities, while they are still attending.  It has become such a part of our everyday life that it branches out from teens, to adults, businesses, job seekers, religious groups etc.

Networking sites have become a place where many people go for advice.  Everything from which phone should I buy next to how to govern real life relationships is brought to these hubs of human contact and information.

My question is how many times do we update God on how our lives are going? Do we seek him out for advice on even the most basic questions we have about relationship choices?  The Lord is just waiting for us to ask him questions, so that we can be restored and bring our worries to be taken away.  All we have to do is just give him a status update on who we are and what’s on our mind today.  When’s the last time you updated your status for the one who truly cares to know.
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Survey Questions:

How often do you update your status:
Once a minute
Once an hour
Once a day
Once a week
Once a month