His Kingdom will be Seen In 2016

This is a year in which God wants his people to get in touch with the kingdom and its culture. Which is inclusive of a kingdom vocabulary and language, an expression of Kingdom power, and living a kingdom lifestyle. This is a year where we must zero in on the King and his agenda.

We the body of Christ in America (especially non- traditional churches) have focused in the last several years on ourselves our dreams, our destiny, and our prosperity, but in this year our focus must once again be the King. He must become the single most important thing that we pursue and the single most important thing that we desire. Many who have focused on their own needs their love for Christ has grown cold and they have lost their fervor for God, and for the people and things that he cares about. By his own admission Jesus came to serve others not be served by others. Unfortunately, this is the consumer generation which makes it all about “me” thus the church in America has become very distracted and like Martha the sister of Mary and Lazarus we have become cumbered with many things and as a result many Christians are suffering with “Burn Out”. 

In this season of ethnic division, xenophobia and a resurgence of racism the church and America desperately needs an infusion of the kingdom culture which like the early church models the unity in the body and a compassionate community care for each other regardless of ethnicity, as well focuses on preaching the gospel of the kingdom to make disciples of all nations. I encourage every member, friend, spiritual son or daughter, and colleague. For this is the time for His kingdom will be seen in 2015.