Updated Pastor’s Blog
We have now come through seven months of teaching on faith in January our theme was Faith for your Father which focused on faith in God the Father the foundation of all faith, In February we focused on Faith for your Family learning how to apply the word to various family issues and how to overcome generational bondage

March’s theme was Faith for your Fellowship we looked at how the early church in Acts used their faith to enhance their fellowship with other believers. April was the month where we focused on Faith for your Finances faith’s role in improving our finances and how we obtain inheritance moving into a more prosperous place. The theme of month of May was Faith for your fight meaning trusting God to enable us to engage and win in spiritual warfare. We learned the importance of speaking positive blessings as Paul did and the biblical formula for being filled with peace  and joy during June when our theme was Faith for your Filling. We are now finishing up the July theme namely Faith for your Faultlessness and we have been excited by Jude 24 and what I refer to as God’s No fault insurance plan. August theme is Faith for your Function as we motivate everyone to find their calling of ministry and service and fulfill the great commission of evangelism. This will prepare us going into September’s theme of Faith for your fervency and my desire hope and prayer is that after eight months of teaching on faith that every member who has been faithful in coming to hear the word of faith and diligent in applying it will have spiritually matured and moved to a new level of confidence and trust concerning their faith. That we all will come to September with our hearts set a blazed by the Holy Spirit  and joyfully waiting to see how God will climax this faith training in the final three months of 2011 and of course I believe these things will come to pass by Faith.
Pastor C.