Pastoral Update January 2022
Victory By Going Through in 2022

1Jn_5:4 For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world even our faith.

Pastor Clarence;

The spiritual direction the Lord is taking us is the same as it has been from the first day 23 years ago. The vision the Lord gave to me and confirmed to Pastor Ja has not changed. He has given additional revelation and it seems to fit very well within the context of the end-time church in Rev 3:21. (To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.)

We are still called to train overcomers who impact every area of life. The need for Fellowships of Love now makes more sense than ever as we have endured two years of CoVid.

God knew 23 years ago what we would be going through now, He also knew that I would be on dialysis, have a stroke and Pastor J would have a brain tumor and seizures. He is working everything together for good; for us and Fresh Anointing. This has been very hard for us feeling physically not up to the job but the Lord is bringing us through and we have been surprised that He is still moving and working things out in spite of us. For this year God has reminded me that we will get victory by going through. The increase of praying has been key and I am so appreciative of those who have helped hold up my arms.

Pastor Ja;

This has been the most challenging time of my life but I am closer to the Lord than ever before.
He has used every challenge to expose my broken places and He is healing me. My worship is real and spontaneous but the chastening from the Lord is just as intense.

I am committed to the long haul, I know how easy it is to slip into the next life. I am serious about finishing what God has for me so He can be pleased when I stand before Him again. Things that were important before don’t matter anymore. Some things I was casual about are life to me now. Keeping my relationships right and being obedient is much more important.

I am excited because I see the Lord shaking everything so He alone will get the glory. I see new ministries coming forth, new people stepping up to the plate. My new definition of success is not based on numbers but obeying what God says and staying in my lane. I feel good that we are following the Lord to overhaul and make changes so we will be ready for the supernatural that He will do. It is not about us or anyone else anymore, it is about Him and what He will do in us and the next generation.

Administrative and Ministry Update;
(Administrative Pastor Ja’Ola )

We have a flexible mindset as the world is changing so much and so fast. CoVid has impacted the number of people who are able to attend or serve on Sundays. Some members have lost loved ones, jobs, and health which has strained family relationships, emotional stability, and spiritual well-being. The administrative and ministry arm of the church is working very hard to keep us connected, trained, and encouraged by emailed FACCI updates, Sunday service is live streaming on our YouTube channel, the church Facebook, Instagram, text alerts, and website.

The ministries going on in 2021 will continue in 2022 in addition to Sunday service, our F.O.L.D. discipleship and prayer groups continue. Corporate prayer is led by Pastor Clarence, Bible study and prayer is taught by FACCI Elders and Ministers by Zoom or teleconference. The updated list of FOLD groups and Corporate prayer is on the church website. (

Some ministries are continuing to function or function in new ways as we have leadership and workers. Some are not functioning because we do not have leadership. We encourage you to stay connected and involved as you are able and cover everything in prayer.

We had our last Church Business meeting in December 2021 and the next will be in June, feel free to address financial questions to Deacon David Idun, Financial manager. Address any Building questions to Deacon Jay Joyner or Pastor Ja

Elder Ed Williams is overseeing the Word Branch,
Elder Brian Ferguson and Elder Kenyatta Snipe are overseeing the Witness Branch,
Elder Ray is overseeing the Watch Branch,
Elder Donovan is overseeing the Worth Branch
Elder John Epps and Elder Jenkins are overseeing the Wellness Branch
Elder Brian is overseeing the Wealth Branch
Pastor Ja is overseeing the Worship Branch

The Associate Elders are Elder Allen Stokes, Elder Ted Reed, Elder Anthony Smith, Elder Sonny Adens, Pastor Troy Corbin.
We are looking for volunteers, if the Lord lays a ministry on your heart contact Pastor Ja know [email protected]
The updated office hours are Mon – Fri – 11:00 -5:00 Please make sure we have updated contact information. Staff is Min Marty is the office manager, Deacon Chris Thompson is the Video director. Deacon Chanel Jenkins handles the FACCI emails. Deacon David is the Financial Manager and Office Assistant and handles Church texts and Church Zoom. Deacon Phil Hartley is the volunteer Sound director.

We will continue to meet on Sunday unless there are other safety requirements. Please try to come in person. The Corporate presence of God is precious and powerful. Please keep up with what the Lord is saying to us on the church YouTube channel – it is the full name of the church.

We lost a few precious jewels in 2021 by death and a few have moved on to other fellowships, we will always miss them and continue to pray for them.

Stay safe, pray, care for each other and believe God for a supernatural move!

Love in Christ
Pastors Clarence and Ja’Ola Walker